Application process

Contact Admissions

After contacting admissions, potential members will meet with the house owner for an interview and undergo a background check. Please know that a criminal history is not grounds for denial of admission. We feel confident in our members and want to ensure that all men at Southwood Sober Living feel secure in their living environment. 

B&W Road
Documentation & Deposit

After speaking with admissions, potential members will receive forms to complete, sign, and return. These forms detail house rules and financial obligations. Once admissions receives member's paperwork and deposit, a bed will be held for 10 days. For more details, see the forms below. For an online application, click on the "application" tab at the top of this page. 

Admissions paperwork:

Rules and expectations:

Overview of Expectations 

30 days clean and sober for admission
A desire to remain sober
Motivation to support other men in their sobriety
Willingness to attend 12 step meetings 
Work with a sponsor
Random UA/BA
Weekly house meetings
Secure full-time employment, volunteering, or school
Household chores