1305 Green Forest Drive
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We know that recovery is challenging. Southwood Sober Living provides a safe, supportive environment for men to maintain sobriety, seek support, and engage in the community. We value sobriety, healthy living, and accountability. We serve central/south Austin with pride and are confident in our comprehensive sober environment. 


About Southwood Sober Living

Southwood Sober Living is a community of up to ten men with a common goal of maintaining sobriety. The house leader plays an active role in ensuring members feel safe in their transition to sober living. Through required recovery meetings, house meetings, exercise programs, and a thorough interview process, we house men with mutual goals and honest about their recovery. 

Southwood Sober Living is conveniently located in central south Austin: 

Less than 5 miles from downtown Austin

Less than 5 miles from three 12 step meetings, the closest, only 1 mile away

10 miles to Austin Bergstrom International Airport

Less than 1 mile walk to brand new South Austin Transit Center

Walking distance to grocery store, gym, hospital, libraries, job opportunities, & ACC South Austin Campus


Transportation to weekly meetings

Gym membership, for an additional fee

Group accountability 

Building self-esteem and community through membership

Referral to therapy, psychiatry, and group therapy as needed

About the owners

Allan DeHoff &

Alexandra DeHoff, LCSW

Southwood Sober Living is owned and operated by husband and wife Allan and Alexandra DeHoff. Allan is an active participant in the Austin recovery community. He has a sponsor and works with sponsees weekly. After years in and out of sobriety, Allan has been sober since 2007. He is a member in Alcoholics Anonymous and values supporting others through sponsorship, attending meetings, and sharing his story. 


Allan and Alex married in 2016. Alex is a social worker with a long history working with children, adolescents, and adults with issues including suicidality, addiction, life transitions, mood disorders, anger and family disfunction. Allan's devotion and knowledge of the sober community and Alex's professional expertise combine to provide well-rounded support of members of Southwood Sober Living. 

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Call or email Southwood Sober Living and continue your journey in sobriety. Or complete the form below and we will be in touch with you. If you are ready to apply for admission, you can contact Southwood Sober Living or complete the application online under "application" tab. 

1305 Green Forest Drive

Austin, Texas 


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